Mary's Pilgrimage Route

Svete gore Mary’s Pilgrimage Routes logo

Slovenia is a land where churches, chapels and shrines can be found on top of almost every hill – including the regions included in this project: Pomurje, Podravje and Savinja Region in Slovenia as well as Krapina-Zagorje and Varaždin Region in Croatia, all with a very rich religious cultural heritage.
The pilgrimage centres and other sites that lie on each side of the border are not connected and are rather ignored by the tourism industry, although they have great potential. Mary’s Pilgrimage Route is intended to connect Slovenian and Croatian places of worship devoted to St. Mary and the exceptionally rich cultural and natural heritage along the route and to promote and market them. Places and buildings along the route will acquire well- deserved added value and the opportunity to become part of the tourist offer on Mary’s Pilgrimage Route.
Due to their longstanding pilgrimage tradition, Ptujska Gora and Svete gore above Bistrica ob Sotli stand out among other pilgrimage centres in the Slovene project region. The same is true for the main Croatian pilgrimage centre at Marija Bistrica, which for Croatia is also national place of worship.
Mary’s Pilgrimage Route is part of the international cultural pilgrimage route of the same name that connects Częstochowa in Poland, Levoča in Slovakia and Mariazell in Austria. It then crosses over into Slovenia through Graz and continues into Croatia.
The route in Slovenia is 409-km long, and in Croatia 393 km, and is intended for pilgrims, hikers, nature and cultural heritage enthusiasts, as well as anyone who wants to discover new and interesting places.

For better recognition of Mary’s Pilgrimage Route, a logo was created based on various monograms found in places of worship dedicated to St Mary in Slovenia and Croatia.